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Piarel Stainless Pipes For Yamaha Zuma Honda Dio Elite Aprilia SR50

Another big win for the zuma, and dio guys guys. Handmade, scooterswapshop exclusive full stainless pipes have arrived. Every pipe is hand made, and tested for proper fitment. These aren't made in china, or taiwan, or phillipines.  Every pipe is crafted by one builder in ukraine, and it shows. With the proper tune, you can expect to see upwards of 12,500-12,800 rpm. Currently, I'm seeing 12,790 rpm on a MVS ported corsa, paired with polini carb, malossi crank, and polini cvt. 

The stroker pipes are the one with the drag stinger tips. The 72, are the wrap around style. Satin polished is like a chrome finish. Non satin shows the welds as seen in the picture with the two elites side by side. One is satin, one is polished. PLEASE email me if you have any questions. 


Dio 72 non polished, or polished

125 stroker non polished, or polished


zuma vertical polished

zuma horizontal polished 

Please check all bolts on pipe after the first 50 miles, apply threadlocker if needed, to ensure all the fasteners are tight after shipping/first installation