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Scooterswapshop hats

Whether your looking to support the dudes that ride with the crew, or trying to cover up that horrific hairline, these will do the trick. These hats are available in fitted, or snap-back. Made right here in Portland Oregon. We let our hats brine for a minimum of 48 hours in Real authentic shop environment, absorbing airborne aromas such as, but not limited to, Redline, Maxima, and Bel-Ray two stroke fumes. Not stuffed in some box in a warehouse. We don't charge extra for this. Support your shop, save your scalp from cancer, and look like a boss. 

Choose from 7 options!

Blue/white snap-back hat (wheelie logo)

Black/grey snap-back hat (Portland Oregon)

Grey/black snapback (sss logo)

Grey/black snap-back (wheelie logo)

Black/grey snap-back (wheelie logo)

Black fitted (wheelie logo)

Black snap-back (wheelie logo)

Cork style hat snapback






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