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'89-'01 Zuma Prebug Budget 70cc Package

Tired of only being able to do wheelies until 15mph then the power drops off? We have you covered! This kit will turn your Prebug into a capable wheelie machine, no more bogging out once you're up to speed. This package is mostly focused on increasing overall torque, not so much top speed, but should still get you about 45mph with a TON more low end grunt for wheelies. Save money and headache buying all the right parts the first time! 

Included in the package:

Naraku 70cc big bore cylinder kit

Polini CP21 Carb w/ full intake kit & Jet kits

Top Performances CVT kit, new belt and rollers included

Malossi "FLY" Clutch with reinforced bell

NGK Spark Plug

If you're looking for more top speed, the Yasuni C16 will get you to about 55mph top speed while retaining a good amount of torque. Grab the pipe HERE

Recommend delete of the oil injection system, or at very least running high quality auto-lube oil such as Redline Racing 2t oil, available HERE