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Elite / DIO AF16 - AF18 "Midrace" Engine Package

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Tired of dealing with the crummy no name components for your 94-01 honda elite? Well, here's a kit thats all quality. Your going to spend $450-600 on no name china/taiwan stuff thats going to fail, and or give you inferior performance, then your going to sell it all to get better parts. in the end it costs more, do it right the first time. About a year and a half ago, the corsa and arrow and malossi crank alone were selling for $1,025. This  package is a killer kit at a killer price.  
Kit includes...
Arrow exhaust kit, with carbon fiber silencer
Polini corsa cylinder kit complete with spark plug
Polini 24mm carb
Naraku intake manifold kit with reeds
Throttle cable
Polini main jet set
Polini pilot jet kit
Polini pod filter
Malossi RHQ full circle crank
This is not a kit assembled to make huge margins, its a kit assembled, due to the success of the components used together. ScooterSwapShop isn't into selling parts that don't work well together.