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RC one Malossi 94cc raffle

So we normally do this ONCE every year, but we have a motor kit here, so why not do another? This is a brand new, Full 94cc Malossi rc one engine kit. This is top mount, for zuma, minarelli aprilia sr50, and ruckus if you use the right mount. Also, these cases are ready for rear disk and liquid cooling. Complete from kicker, to air filter. The raffle will end once the ticket number is reached. PLEASE keep up to date, and follow us on facebook, and instagram for details. This motor is NOT assembled, and buyer is 100% responsible for shipping, and insurance. This kit retails at $3500. 


You will not receive a ticket. On our end we compile a spreadsheet, that shows all the purchasers next to a corresponding ticket number. The day of the drawing, we take a video of all this, and pull a ticket from the raffle tumbler. We will ship ANYWHERE in the world, remember winner is responsible for shipping. 


These motors are capable of 30+hp



A revolution cannot be considered as such, if it does not involve a radical change. That’s the reason why Malossi decided to go beyond the C-One crankcase, thus realizing RC-One, an even more extreme version dedicated to those who love high-powered engines.
With the release of RC-One crankcase as well as the new MHR Flanged Mount cylinders, the engine capacity achieves 94 ccs and the power largely exceeds 30 hp, without any problems of boring or resistance involving the engine block.
RC-One is designed to use exclusively Malossi cylinders with flanged mount; inside it has a housing of such dimensions as to allow the installation of long-stroke crankshafts without any further modification.

MHR C-ONE was conceived and designed to:

• Fit both drum brake and disc brake.
• Replace the original engine both with short and long wheelbase. The position of the shock absorber fixing has been designed to satisfy both options.
• Fit exclusively the brand-new Malossi MHR Ø 52 Flanged Mount testa rossa cylinders, with flange mounting and a housing of such dimensions as to allow the installation of Malossi RHQ crankshafts with stroke 44 and connecting rod 90, without any further modification.
• House exclusively the Malossi MHR and MHR TEAM inner rotor ignitions.
• Use an electric cooling pump to eliminate the power consumption of the traditional mechanical water pump.
• Eliminate the automatic mixer.
• Designed to fit the vacuum fuel pump.
• Install the new bigger reed valve, designed using sophisticated programs of 3D fluid-dynamics simulation.
• Hold all current Malossi products.

Technical features:

  • Crankcase pair, die-cast material in aluminum silicon alloy with high mechanical resistance.
  • Crankcases inclusive of silent block 5,250 Kg.
  • Crankshaft – clutch shaft wheelbase 270 mm.
  • Crankshaft bearings 20 x 47 x 14.
  • Oil seals FKM plus PTFE.
  • Reed valve VL 18.
  • Intake manifold X360 Ø 21 – 28 length 27.
  • Cylinder stud bolts material: steel 8.8 UNI EN20898/1.
  • Oversized cooling fluid connector: external Ø 18 mm – internal Ø 13,5 mm.
  • Wheel axle bearing 20 x 47 x 14.
  • Roller gear cover size 16 x 22 x 12.



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