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Stage6 Mk2 Torque Control Clutch Honda

Stage6 Racing Clutch "Torque Control MK II" for dio, and aero, af16. SE50

Redesigned and improved version of Stage6's famous clutch. It's been used successfully in the Stage6 Cup in Italy for a long time, and drag racing fans in France are crazy about it.

Stage6 optimized their clutch for heavy use, for drag and track racing alike. The back plate is reinforced. Another improvement: the 3 clutch shoes (107mm) are reinforced as well and will last a lot longer. Weights can be added to these shoes to hold off clutch engagement even more. These are now slip-in weights, not screw-on like before.

This is the only clutch on the market where adjusting clutch engagement can be performed without having to take the clutch off. Not even the clutch bell has to removed. 3 continuously adjustable springs AND additional weights to be inserted into the clutch shoes allow for plenty of adjustment options.

To sum it up - a top quality racing clutch with excellent grip for record-breaking acceleration, take-offs and overall engine response!


1 set of clutch springs Sport (white)

1 set of clutch springs Racing (orange)

Weights (for clutch shoes)

Reinforced back plate

2 Allen keys for spring adjustment

Need replacement screws?