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Prebug Zuma JDM Taillight

Prebug zuma taillights,  Ditch that funky old rack mounted blinker and tail setup!


Remember you need to trim your fairings

We offer Five types. One is more of a translucent lenses, and one is diffused. The translucent type is marked A, and also comes with pre-wired connections. You simply need to add bullet connectors and plugin. The diffused style will require soldering your wires to the back. The translucent style is pictured below mounted on our red prebug. 

CLEAR/ CLEAR FLAT- You need to solder the wires on the blinkers.

TRANSLUCENT- You need to solder all the wires.

DIFFUSED FLAT - Pre wired, just need to install spade connectors on ends. 

LEXUS BLACK- You need to solder all the wires.