Honda Helix CN250 / CH250

Stage6 R/T digital speedometer

Score! Stage6 R/T digital speedo/gauge kits!

keep an eye on your bike with this all in one unit. 


- digital speedometer 0 - 360km/h (or mph)
- tachometer up to 20,000rpm (digital and bar)
- digital thermometer up to 250°C (PT 1/8)
- engine run time up to 999.9h
- fuel gauge 0 - 100%
- voltmeter 0 - 18V
- odometer, overheat alarm, top speed recorder, shift light

There is also a timer that allows for measuring the time necessary to reach a certain speed and the time necessary to cover a certain distance.

Available in Stage6's trademark colors - orange or white.

if your air cooled make sure to grab some temp rings! Choose WHITE type for this unit