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NCY Zuma Engine Package 135% HP Gain

Looking for a simple sport build, within budget? This NCY kit is a good setup, for the guys looking for simple, and budget minded. This kit also comes with a jet kit, for your stock carb. This setup, depending on the condition of your scoot, should get you over 50mph. If you have the Zuma with the de-restricted carburetor, we advise you de-restrict it, or get a different carburetor.  FREE SHIPPING TO USA on this package.  This kit boosts HP from 2.58 to 6.08. This is on STOCK carburetor. That's a 135% gain for under $350. not bad!

6mm jet kit 

NCY 70cc big bore kit, complete with wrist pin bearing and all components

Ncy exhaust system

This kit works perfectly with stock crank,and stock carb. 

This also works with yamaha jog, and 02-11 yamaha zuma.