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Bugslide scoot detail kit

Well, some salesman came by today, and actually sold me on this stuff. A quick spray, and my carbon fiber on the elite, is looking super glossy and smooth. This kit is small enought to keep on your scooter at events, or just to detail them at your house. This stuff not only cleans, but it leaves a slick, wax-like finish. 


BugSlide is the all-in-one cleaner, polish and bug remover with attitude. Say goodbye to baked on grime and built up dirt

• Safe to use multiple surfaces including Lexan, glass, fiberglass, plexiglass, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, leather, vinyl and any non-porous surfaces.
• Free of wax, petroleum, silicone, Teflon or harsh chemicals.
• Leaves a protective, microscopic finish that continually repels dust,    
   dirt, water and fingerprints.
• Contains a UV filter for added protection, dries crystal clear with no
   yellowing, no buildup or powdery residue.
• Proudly made in USA.

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