Stage6 Variator "Sport Pro"

Stage6 Variator Sport Pro Zuma OR Piaggio

 value for money sports variator.

This variator was designed for use with all 50cc cylinders and 70cc sports cylinders.

The roller tracks and the back of the variator are hard coated to make them highly wear-resistant. The running surface is uncoated. On the one hand this reduces the running surface's lifespan, on the other hand the increased friction results in better performance. As there is no coating to flake off (as happens with chrome-plated surfaces), premature wear or breaking of the belt is avoided.

The kit includes a Stage6 variator Sport Pro with ramp plate and sleeve, 2 shims, a medium torque spring and 1 set of roller weights (16x13 - 5g).

 We recommend using this in conjunction with the S23 belt 

Choose either Minarelli (zuma) fit, or paiggio fit