70cc zuma turn key 17hp engine

We built this air cooled 02-11 zuma bugeye motor for a customer who changed gears. Now its up for grabs at a KILLER deal. Motors with these parts are known to get 75-85mph, reliably. It would run you over $2700, with labor PLUS the cost of the original motor.  this is pressure tested, timed, built ready to go. Simply jet it, wire in the mvt and you're off! Save yourself 

Malossi RHQ crank

Malossi bearings+seals

Yasuni C21 exhaust

Stage6 intake/reeds

malossi furia rossa overrange

polini 13/44 gears

Malossi delta clutch/stage6 bell

Polini cp 21 carb

Malossi filter

Main jet kit

pilot jet kit

Stage6 mk2 racing cylinder

mvt ignition system