ADV 150 Aracer tuner package

We worked with Aracer, and got the ULTIMATE tuner for the adv150. This is a plug and play, once and done solution. Our kits come with the mini5 unit, the 3-1 cable, and the AF1 wideband. This setup is 100% self tuning, you can change fueling, idle speed, and also view all your specs on your cell phone, and make live changes. We also have videos coming out on the installation! 


With this tuner,  our cam, Malossi pipe, variator and intake we're seeing almost 15wheel hp at over 80mph! This tuner by itself will allow you to raise your speed by deleting your limiter. You will need to drill your header and install a wideband bung to get the best performance with this setup

Why do you need this? A few reasons.
-safety and longevity of the engine are half of the reasons.
-Your bike will run dangerously lean with the stock injector when you add an exhaust, cam, or any bolt-on power parts (not CVT parts) when you add an aftermarket larger injector it's right on the edge of being dangerous.
-You can raise your factory rev limit (anything over 10,000 rpm race applications)
-Any part you add to the bike this will tune and adjust for with Wideband AF1
-You will gain power by adding this and reaching a proper Air-fuel mixture.
*** We are working on videos for this currently, more info coming soon, and dyno numbers