Aracer Grom Tuner Package

If your looking to an end all to the tuning nightmare that seems to be the common issue, here's the solution. Aracer is the key to getting your bikes air fuel/timing and parameters on point. This system will shortly be operable from a smartphone aswell. You can either waste $500 on tuners that lack just about everything, or spend a little more and gain leaps and bounds. 


(1) RC mini+2 ecu/display package

(1) AF1 wideband AFR module

(1) 4-1 extend cable

 This is the complete package to dial in your Grom the proper way

  1. 2D Fuel adjustable
  2. 2D Ignition timing adjustable
  3. Manifold Air Pressure base for inlet air amount calculation
  4. Released & adjust engine speed limited
  5. Environment temp and baro compensation included
  6. Increase almost 10% above power after calibration by stock engine(depend on engine model)
  7. Easy plug and Play
  8. Same connector as stock ECU
  9. Meet IP67 specs
  10. Support "Close Loop Fuel Compensation" with aRacer AF1 wideband AFR sensor module
  11. Support Quick Shifter adjust
  12. Maximum value record
  13. Idle rpm adjust
  14. Malf code read
  15. Coolant fan setting
  16. Decleration fuel cut setting



THis is a SPECIAL order item!