Bidalot Primary Transmission for Minarelli AM6

Looking to increase the power on your Sherco / AM6 past 17 or 18 horsepower? This kit is a MUST have! This transmission will not only eliminate slipping issues with the notoriously weak AM6 clutches, it will also increase your top speed with an improved gear ratio. 

The kit includes:

  • 1x primary gear 19 teeth
  • 1x water pump pinion gear
  • 1x primary gear 67 teeth
  • 2x needle bearings
  • 1x clutch bell CNC-cut
  • 1x clutch basket CNC-cut
  • 1x pressure plate
  • 1x bearing retainer
  • 6x friction plates + 5 steel discs
  • 5x racing clutch springs
  • screws
Special order item, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery!