Genuine Buddy 70cc "Race" Package

Wanna be faster then all your other buddies.... This is the ticket! We've taken the time to put together a QUALITY well rounded race inspired kit for your buddy 50! This is compiled 100% of quality parts. No flim flam alibaba stuff over here. Yasuni crafted in spain, NCY cylinder kit, Stage6 clutch,Stage6 clutch bell,Malossi 19mm Dellorto carb kit for stock manifold and the list goes on. Retains stock airbox, recommend removing snorkel. This setup will get you 60+mph on stock gears! *PREMIX REQUIRED FOR RACING KIT!!!!!* Grab a Maxima Premix bottle HERE and some high end Motul 2t oil HERE

NCY Nikasil "Race" 70cc Cylinder Kit

Yasuni C16 Racing Exhaust System

Dellorto Main Jet Kit

Dellorto Pilot Jet

Dr.Pulley Sliders

19mm Dellorto Carb Kit for Stock Manifold

NCY Contra Spring

NGK Spark Plug

Stage6 Torque Control Mk2 Clutch w/ Race Springs

Stage6 Vented Clutch Bell

NCY Adjustable Rear Pulley

Gates Belt

Motion Pro Throttle Cable