CH80 Honda Elite 80 Part out

We're parting out a honda elite ch80, lots of parts available! Select which part you want with the corresponding letter below or in the photos!

A - Left and right hand controls with levers 

B inner fairing (damaged)

C - front clip part ( see photo)

D - gas tank (good condition)

E - front subframe support

F - seat hinge

G - tail light with bracket

H - hood (DAMAGED hinge tabs - see photo)

I - rear tail section

J - front trunk section 

K - front fork covers

L - rear shock

M - cylinder and piston 

N - front brake hub

 O - Exhaust Pipe

P - Front Wheel

Q - Rear Wheel

R - Side skirt, CVT side 

S - Battery Box

T - wire harness

U - rear rack

V - floor panel

W - floor subframe support