Honda Navi Wheel stripes "Rim Tape"

The Honda Navi Wheel stripes or "Rim Tape" as some may call it. These will set your bike apart from the rest. that one simple thing to make your bike a little different in a sea of Navi's. These are made of the highest quality vinyl and Laminated for Uv and abrasive protection. Made  By Pm Print Lab

Comes with 2 sizes:
4 short for the rear wheel 10-inch wheel

4 long for the 12-inch front wheel.

Colors: Grasshopper green, Hunter green, Red, Blue, Grey, Bown And nut brown

Install instructions: 
Apply on a clean bike...
1: Wash your hands
2: Degreaser to clean the application area on the wheel.

3: Clean with Rubbing alcohol.

4: Dry the area 
5: Remove the stripe and apply slowly, from one end to the other. (take your time)  When applying the 2nd stripe find the center of the wheel. Then start from the center so it's even with the opposite side There is a gap in-between the stripes on both sides. 
6:  After all are installed Take a hairdryer or heat gun and heat them so they are very warm not hot to the touch but close (Do Not burn them). That will lock them into place.