KO Moto Nano Controller

The Nano Controller is the best option for riders that do not wish to upgrade there motor or utilize Batteries they have already purchased that are limited by BMS output.  

This has been the best upgrade to our bikes with the ability to change all parameters and tune to our liking. Each 500 step in rpm range has the ability to change power level and tune to the exact delivery specifications you desire.  You have complete control of this Controller and do not need to pay remote tuning fees as found in majority of BAC controller options. OEM Sport and eco functions are still operational allowing unique features like setting eco to be dialed in for tight technical sections and sport to be wide open for fast flowy sections of the trail. This is the most unique feature, no more switching between multiple power levels and multiple clicks to get to an ideal power level to save battery during different sections of terrain. This simple function allowed great success during the Redbull TKO, we were able to utilize the ECO mode as a "Tractor" tune to limit throttle and max speed delivery during rock garden and technical sections, and still have that low end grunt to get through but also limit wheel speed allowing improved grip. 

This Controller is designed to be a plug and play option in the Sur-Ron and are easy to fit, using the stock cabling and also the same OEM Sur-Ron or Talaria display unit. Gone is the need to upgrade your display unit and run additional extra cabling across your bike. 


  • Dynamic tuning capabilities to allow hundreds of tunes for the end user, easily modified to your exact liking via Bluetooth or direct cable options. 
  • Color - Black 
  • Working Voltage - 60-72V Nominal (max voltage 84V)
  • Max Phase Current 450A
  • Max Current 210A
  • Maximum Power - 17000W
  • Operating Temperature - -25—80℃
  • IP67 Ingress Protection
  • Maximum efficiency - >98%


Segway X160

Segway X260

Sur Ron LBX

Talaria Sting