Malossi waterproof backpack

Malossi dropping more rad swag every day! Waterproof backpacks, with tons of pockets, and a waterproof cover stowed away at the bottom.  This is great to store tools and spare items, while you're riding. For example, if you're rocking a future champion, ice bear tigerturbo pro-zxbtv-905gtx-ZR-10 scooter, this is great for your Busch lite beer, Newport smokes,  replacement stators, and cdi's! If you're riding a two stroke, great for stowing br8hs plugs, spark plug caps, two-stroke oil, and Redbull. If you're a modern Vespa rider, great for carrying books,  essential oils, and tan-plaid socks.  A great solution for everyone!


Why's it more than the JanSport your mom bought you? Cause we had to have it shipped from Italy, that's why.