Ruckus GET titanium valves

Scooterswapshop is lucky enough to have opportunity to carry Mnnthbx's specialty titanium ruck valves. 

These titanium Ruckus valves are designed by the top valve engineers in the US, and manufactured in the US by the same supplier as OEM Ferrari. Mnnthbx took over 8 months of design testing to ensure these were the highest performing valves possible. Build power and eliminate valve float. Includes intake and exhaust. Due to lighter weight, no aftermarket springs are required.

Stock Intake Valve = 15.1 grams

MNNTHBX Intake Valve = 8.8 grams

Stock Exhaust Valve = 12.2 grams

MNNTHBX Exhaust Valve = 7.2 grams

Forged one piece Titanium
Separate alloys for intake and exhaust valves to maximize durability and strength under high loads and heat.
CRN (Chromium Nitride) coated for long service life and reduced friction to provide the ultimate protection against seat erosion, tip wear, and stem erosion (do not lap Valves)
Super Finished for the lowest coefficient of friction in the guide and seat
Engineered for improved airflow over stock valves
Tight tolerances for valve to seat sealing and guide fitment
Light weight for reduced cam loading and reduction in engine drag
Eliminate valve float at high RPM
Engineered exclusively for MNNTHBX