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Ruckus performance carb kit

Ditch your old vaccum diaphram carb. This is a great solution, for the ruckus guys looking to delete the airbox, and gain some performance. The polini carb features an all aluminum construction, MADE IN ITALY. The jets are extremely common, and this carb is easy to use, while being compact. Kit includes polini main jet kit polini pilot jet kit polini pod filter with cover throttle cable polini carb, size of your choice, 17.5, 19, 21, 23mm FITMENT. 17.5-21 will go right into your stock manifold. The 23mm WILL fit, but you need to heat up the manifold, and stretch it out a bit. I suggest 17.5 for stock, or bikes with exhaust/cdi. 19mm+ is better for big bore bikes. You don't need a huge carb on the ruckus. Its just overkill, and your wasting fuel. Please let me know what size you want.