Sherco 50cc supermoto R

BRAND new, am6 powered sherco supermotos are now here in the states! We are now sherco dealers, we can set you up with the bike completely stock, or modified to 30hp. These are made in france, and have been in europe for years, we're just lucky enough to get them now. PLEASE call for any questions and or details. Shipping, depending on your area ranges from $100-550 in usa. 


The R comes with paoili rear suspenion, and 17" cast wheels with a massive 300mm rotor up front

49cc, 6 speed 2 stroke am6 engine

85w 12v electrical system

THESE BIKES COME WITH A NON STREET LEGAL MSO, its up to you to do your research on legality in each state. It has provisions/wiring for blinkers, horn etc. Headlight and brake lights all function as-is.

ALL our build updates will be on youtube, we will be offering upgrade packages very shorty! from de restrict packages, to 90mph builds. These are limited to 29mph from factory but can do 60mph on the stock cylinder with minor upgrades


SM-R factory is blue/silver

SM-R silver is all black and silver

SR-R red is red


WE CHARGE $1000 for freight, then refund it, as the customer will be responsible for freight.