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Stage6 14/42 primary gear set ZUMA

Stage6 Primary Transmission 14/42 ZUMA

Taller gears reduce the overall gear ratio of your transmission and will result in improved acceleration, a higher gear ratio will improve top end speed.

Please count the teeth on the smallest gear of the original secondary shaft and order a transmission with the same number of teeth; in this case, it is 14 teeth.

OEM engines usually don't have enough power to pull this kind of transmission, so you will need a sports or racing cylinder.

Unlike many other transmissions, Stage6 transmissions are pre-pressed - and available at a knock-out price! All you have to do is get rid of your old transmission and replace them with this one, close the cover - done!

Stage6 Primary Transmission 14/42 MBK Nitro / Booster. Ratio 1:3.00. For original transmission with 14 teeth.

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