Stage6 LPC crank Minarelli Horizontal

Stage6 LPC crankshaft 10mm piston pin Minarelli horizontal (Yamaha Aerox etc.), LPC (Low Primary Compression) crankshaft from tuning expert Stage6.

Stage6 launches their  first LPC crankshaft. Instead of designing another  HPC (High Primary Compression) model, Stage6 decided to develop a Low Primary Compression version. Taking away some of the material reduces primary compression  and increases the volume of the crankcase. Performance and output is noticeably improved over the entire power band, which is particularly advantageous for regular road use.

The crankshaft (with original stroke) is designed for 50cc and 70cc sport cylinders with low port timings, for example the Streetrace cast iron cylinders by Stage6. Since strength and robustness were not compromised on, the crankshaft can also be used with high-revving racing cylinders.

As a typical Stage6 product, material and manufacturing quality are flawless. Just like all Stage6 crankshafts, this LPC version is perfectly balanced. The crankshaft is equipped with aforged connecting rod (original length, for 10mm piston pins), and is made of high-quality steel. A 10x14x13mm small end bearing and two low-friction washers are included.

So if you are looking for an affordable, performance-enhancing and extremely reliable crankshaft, this LPC shaft might be the one for you. Stage6 can draw on many years of tuning experience and leaves nothing to chance when developing new products. Made in Italy, with Stage6 quality control.

We recommend using Stage6 HQ crankshaft bearing C4 steel cage + oil seals (Ref. S6-803666C4/MET).

Technical specs:

  • connecting rod length: original
  • stroke: original
  • piston pin: 10mm
  • small end bearing: 10x14x13mm