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Stage6 Intake Manifold Honda

i used to sell CT manifolds, until I had reed cages shatter, and metal reed keepers break. Hate to say it, but they are horrible. What to do you expect for the price? Did people forget the manifold and reeds are a huge part of a finely tuned motor? Ct manifolds leak, and are built with next to no standards. These manifolds are top shelf for dio. The stage6 manifold features a rubberized reed cage. That means no gaskets, and no leaks. Period. Stage6 Intake System MK II The kit includes aluminium mount Stage6 reed valve aluminium manifold with vacuum port rubber adapter 24mm (for 12 to 21mm carburetors paper gasket There are several adapters that allow for upgrading your scooter with a carburetor with larger diameter without having to replace the entire manifold. Please make sure you have the right manifold coupling for your carb.

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