Stage6 R/T Clutch Bell Minarelli

Stage6 R/T Clutch Bell Minarelli 450 OR 433g - arguably the best clutch bell on the market today.

It is available in 3 different versions in varying weight and design options. CNC-milled from one piece (as opposed to conventional pressed clutches), top quality materials and flawless workmanship - definitely hard to top!

The sidewalls are equipped with cooling fins (similar to a cylinder) making for excellent cooling. 2 small openings allow for clutch spring adjustment (we recommend the Stage6 "Torque Control") without having to take the bell off.

Moreover, there are two indentations for a clutch holding tool to lock into which makes mounting and dismounting the bell really easy.

Little details like these add to the bell's overall awesomeness and are what make it ideally suited for (drag or track) racing.

450g OR 433G version.