Stage6 R/T Crank bearing/seal kit yamaha

If your looking for a step up from oem, or other bearings here's your chance to get a set of stage6 R/T bearings/seal kit. This is going to fit all minarelli 2 stroke vertical, horizontal, and jog. Also fits chinese 2t minarelli clone motors 

Stage6 R/T Crankshaft Bearings + Oil Seals C4 steel cage (milled down outer ring) Minarelli / China 2-stroke, HQ bearings and seals for high-end racing engines.

Inner and outer ring don't have the same thickness - the outer ring is 1.1mm thinner. The resulting little gap between bearing and crank web allows for improved lubrication.

The bearing for the variator side is a special cylindrical roller bearing (type FAG NJ204-E-TVP2); the special design provides increased stability to the crankshaft to counter and minimize loss of power. Another advantage is that because of the removable inner ring, the crankcase can easily be taken apart for inspections, without having to remove the bearing and the crankshaft.

In order to extend the life expectancy of your bearings, you'll have to mount crankcase, bearings and seals properly and provide sufficient lubrication.


  • 1x crankshaft bearing SKF 6204/C4 steel cage with milled down outer ring (1.1mm)
  • 1x cylindrical roller bearing FAG NJ204-E-TVP2-C3 (CVT side)
  • 2x HQ oil seals