Stage6 R/T Variator Oversize kit

ZUMA Stage6 R/T Variator Oversize Kit Yamaha zuma. This kit is no joke. Once you get your greasy paws on it, it will all make sense. 
The variator is equipped wit 6 roller weights (19x15.5mm - 3.5g) and comes with a special R/T fan wheel (plastic, removable, for example for drag races) and a reinforced racing torque spring. It comes with a 13mm variator sleeve, but you can order a 16mm sleeve for smooth spline crankshafts for it.

It's perfectly fine to use this oversized vario with standard torque drivers, but to unlock its full potential, we recommend using it with the Stage6 R/T oversize torque drive.

Angles and roller tracks were revised and optimized. The surfaces are treated with a special protective ceramic coating to give it a longer life and to improve performance..

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