Stage6 R/T water pump high flow

Top tuning product from Stage6: Water Pump electric Stage6 R/T High Performance Brushless 12V by Bosch for all liquid-cooled 2- and 4-stroke scooters and mopeds / geared mopeds.

The high quality electric water pump can be used as a replacement for the original mechanical water pump to increase performance by reducing drag on the engine.

The Stage6 pump is state of the art and highly resistant to high temperatures, fuel and acids. Brushless electric motors without contacts are the most advanced and efficient type of motor currently available on the market.

The advantages: Friction and mechanical problems are completely eliminated, there is no unnecessary additional heat generation, the motor is extremely quiet, very economical, easy to install and comes with the watertight connection plug (female) by Bosch to easily connect the 12V battery to the pump.

The pump has a straight connection and a 90° outlet with a diameter of 15 mm. Total length is 100 mm, total width 100 mm.