Team cristofolini 70cc race package zuma

Yes, we all know TCR, known for their crazy cnc cases, and insanely high quality components. We now offer their COMPLETE minarelli vertical engine package. No, this is not a budget kit, no this is not for someone who uses a hammer to install the crank. This is lthe highest hp kit in the world and the ONLY liquid cooled kit for the minarelli vertical. This kit is said to pump out 25 ponies. THis is NOT an entire engine, it is the following items. THERE IS A 30-45 DAY WAIT on this kit, as they produce them to order.  Pleas call us if you want this item


Inludes the following

complete nikasil cylinder kit, with cnc dome and cnc cooling cap

Malossi crank

CNC water pump housing and engine brace

water pump


overflow bottle

70cc race exhaust system