Top Racing Spring Set Zuma

Awesome kit for the price, comes with three springs total for tuning!

Minarelli Torque spring set from Top Performances, consists of 3 springs.

Green 15%

Violet  22%

Pink  30%

Using different torque springs will change the rpm at which the variator 'shifts'. The job of the torque spring is to press the rear pulley to the drive belt. It also provides the pressure necessary for the variator to 'shift'. Whenever the engine's power has been increased through tuning, the choice of the torque spring will have to be reconsidered. You can see this when the drive belt starts to slip or the engine revs up but you can't feel any acceleration. Torque spring and the variator  always interact; if a new spring is used, the variator will have to be re-adjusted, too. Generally softer springs will use lighter roller weights and stiffer springs will require heavier weights.