Yasuni C16 chamber for dio

After several bent exhaust flanges on low quality exhausts, and low performance, I decided to do some searching for the best performance pipe for the corsa. I landed here. Yasuni pipes are built strong, and deliver. This pipe on the minarelli outperformed a dozen other pipes. It was the top performer. I have custom flanges out of 3/8" steel machined to adapt the pipe to dio. This flange is three times as thick is any taiwan pipe, with recessed area for the nuts to keep it aligned properly to cylinder.  Header flange is same size as corsa to allow for a smooth transition. seeing 12-12.5k on a nicely built corsa is common. This pipe doesn't even wake up till 6500, then hold on. The adapter parts are made local to me, right here in oregon, by a fitter/machinist/welder with 30 years experience. Him, and myself take extreme pride in our work, and it shows. This kit is awesome on the corsa, contessa, and MHR You WILL not find this pipe anywhere else.

Quantity is limited limited limited. I havent made these for over a year. 


Pipe will require minor frame clearancing down near the mount on the elite. This is due to adjusting the pipe to fit BOTH af28/af25 dios' and the 94-01 honda elite.