Yasuni C16 Exhaust Piaggio

Yasuni Exhaust "Carrera 16" piaggio

Yasuni in my opinion, is one of the best performing pipes on the market. The quality is unsurpassed, and the performance is on key. This pipe does NOT disappoint. Prepare to high rpm's, where most other pipes fall flat. 

powerful racing exhaust by renowned Spanish manufacturer Yasuni.

Sheet metal expansion chamber complemented by a carbon/kevlar silencer.

Originally developed for Endurance racing, it has a lot of torque and power at mid rpm range. We recommend combining it with a 50cc or 70cc racing or even Hyper Racing cylinder for more torque and better acceleration.

As a racing exhaust, it is of course reserved for the race track and not street-legal.


This will fit ZIP, typhoon, aprilia sr50 piaggio and more!