Zuma 125 polini tuner

Why spend $5-750 on a tuner, if you dont need one that complex? THis is a super simple, italian designed plug and play tuner for your stock/bolt on or kitted big bore zuma 125. THis bad boy not only allows you to adjust your fuel trims, but it also shows you your air fuel ratio. Eliminating the need for a wideband gauge. 

The POLINI Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the most advanced programmable fuel injection module currently available for use with four-stroke fuel injected motors. The fuel delivery can be regulated by adjusting the parameters of both the ignition and injections timing. The adjustment takes place on the injection module itself, is very simple to operate and can be adjusted by the rider himself with no special tools. With just a few clicks, the injection point can be reset in steps of just 200 rpm. This allows the rider to regulate the amount of fuel injected by raising or lowering the amount of fuel delivered. The module is connected to the existing fuel injection module with the use of special adapter wiring, which is available separately, plug and play!