Zuma 89-01 70cc Bundle

We've taken the time to test several combinations for the yamaha zuma! These kits are specific to the 89-01 yamaha ZUMA. These are the core components that will get you up to speed. Choose from one of 2 packages. 

Package 1-simple, quality build that retains your oem airbox and carb. this kit will get you up to about 50. You can always add gears, or other items to this setup to get you to a higher speed. We've also included a full jet kit for your oem carb.

Yasuni R exhaust system

Stage6 or similar drop in air filter

Jet kit for your OEM carb

Malossi 70cc big bore kit complete with carbon reeds


Package 2- Hand picked, choice components, PROVEN to produce excellent results. The polini corsa, paired with the yasuni C16 (black or silver), polini intake, CP21, stage6 clutch, and polini big valve intake will be a bike powerful enough to pull hills, and or wheelies. Expect 55 out of this build. Add gears and you're over 60. 

Polini corsa 70 cylinder kit

Yasuni C16 exhaust

Polini big valve intake system with reeds

Voca air filter

Stage6 adjustable race clutch

Main jet kit

Pilot jet kit

Top performances CVT kit

Malossi or ncy contra spring

Polini CP 21mm carb


We're happy to set you up with ANY combination of parts. Whether its mild commuter, or something you want to race with! Give us an email at info@scooterswapshop.com or shoot us a message on facebook. Please allow an extra 3 days handling time for custom packages such as this.