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Arrow Exhaust Honda elite and dio

This is a fresh batch, direct from italy. Not a replica, not a copy. The real deal. Stock is limited on these, all with carbon kevlar silencers. Be aware, if your pipes do not look like these, and they have rust/no packaging, they are likely old stock from ten years ago, or fake. As always, all my products have warranty from defects. Scooterswapshop is a registered arrow dealer,  I stand behind my products, with warranty from defects. If your buying elsewhere, be sure to ask them to show you they are legitimate arrow dealers, so they can warranty their product.

Also, Scooterswapshop is the ONLY seller, that has the updated internal tubes. The other ones on the market do not, and in time, the silencer will fall apart. The longer tubes included have more threads to ensure a better, longer lasting silencer.