Honda Spree Upgrade Guide

We get asked all the time, "How do I make my spree faster?" Today we're going to go over all of the upgrades available for the honda spree, what they do, and how they work! 

  1. Spree Speed Pulley : This is easily the most cost effective upgrade to get more top speed! The speed pulley usually gets you 8-10 miles per hour up top, ad the expense of low end torque. I have found that you can add a couple of variator shims to still get a top speed bump, with less low end sacrifice.
  2. S23 Spree Pipe : This pipe allows for a mid range, and top speed increase, we recommend swapping main jets for a 70 or 72 depending on climate. This also provides a nice cosmetic upgrade over the boring stock exhaust. Available in black and raw (clear coat)
  3. S23 CDI : This CDI box has a more aggressive timing curve, easier starting, and allows for usually a slight RPM bump. Quick and easy plug and play upgrade!
  4. NCY Ignition coil : Solid upgrade from stock, especially if you suspect the stock coil you have is being problematic. 
  5. New OEM belt : Not so much of an upgrade, but I always recommend doing a new OEM belt on the spree, regardless of miles, it really makes a good difference! 

Carburetor Upgrades : I decided to do a whole section on just carburetor upgrades, since there's a few different routes you can take. Please take in to account, putting a nice quality carb on your spree will cost $200-$360, and the returns on your investment (Speed and acceleration) may not be worth it to you. 

Complete conversion kit : This kit comes with the big valve manifold, adapter, and all the jets, cables and components required to install. This is the best kit out there, and will give you the most performance gains. 

The other option would be to get a intake manifold adapter for the stock manifold, and then run a spigot style carb, such as the Polini CP carburetor (kit available here with jets, and filter)you'll also need main and pilot jets, a throttle cable

Complete parts collection here!