Honda spree engine swap

Looking to get more speed in your spree, and you have some mechanical abilities? These things can be a TON of fun with motor swaps, and its not too difficult to do if you have a few frosty beverages, and some time. I'm going to list off some swaps I've seen, list the pros and cons, and explain why the af16/18 swap is the best, in my opinion




RUCKUS/MET swap, Cheap-ish, plentiful, however very slow, difficult mount, and ecu/wiring needed to run. 

Gy6 150- cheap, plentiful, powerful, however, giant wheel, very long, you lose the rear taillight, poor shock geometry, complicated mount.

AF05 motor, cheap, plentiful, short, looks stock, however they're pretty slow and you're limited on modifications


AF16 94-01 honda elite/honda dio (af18) 49cc motors. Little more costly, harder to find, however EASY to swap, fits perfect. TONS of room for power


Now that's out of the way, we prefer the af16/af18. Af16 is found in the usa bikes, the af18 is found in the japan/taiwan market. Find yourself one of these (I suggest a honda scooters FB group or These are 100% BOLT IN. Grab one of our mount kits HERE


Next, you will need to bolt the motor in the bike, with the shock. You can use the oem shock, however the oem airbox will not clear the fairings. If you want to run the oem rear fairing, you will need to run an aftermarket carb. This is the time you want to get a carb, and bore kit at bare minimum, possibly a pipe, If you want us to set this up for you, check out the BUILD INVOICE option and we can make it happen!

Once you get the parts needed, install the mount, and the shock mount. Slide the motor into place, and connect the wiring at the connector color to color, its that easy! You will also need a rear brake cable from a 94-01 honda elite, you can find those at or your local dealer. Remember when you run the aftermarket carb, you will also need THIS throttle cable


If you have a welder and you want to stiffen up your frame, we sell GUSSETS HERE


Connect your fuel and vacuum lines (replace with new) and you're done! These swaps with a basic bore kit carb, variator and gears will pull wheelies non stop and do well into the 60's with crazy acceleration!