Welcome to the honda navi! The navi is an entry level 4 stroke cvt scoot. FIRST AND FOREMOST, please maintain this bike, as per honda's recomendations! Belts are advised to be changed at 2000 miles, if you follow honda's recommendation of 15k miles, they will fail and cause major issues. 


If you're looking for information on these bikes, please check out our navi videos on youtube!


Our most commonly purchased items, to add a bit of acceleration, and top speed for minimal cost are as follows


S23 variator kit



These kits are responsible for how the bike shifts, takes off, and limits the top speed. Most people are seeing 5-8mph top end. 


The clutch and bell on your navi, is designed to engage at stops, and take off. You'll notice the stock navi feels a bit soggy, and gets worse, as if its slipping the warmer it gets. This is the substandard oem clutch. This is a very easy installation, and comes with extra springs to tune. 


Our air breather kit is for the guys running a pod filter. You will be left with some open hoses, these fit in the oem hoses and filter the air, so you dont have debris getting into your engine. 


The navi jet kit, is required when you run an exhaust, or air filter. These allow more fuel to enter the engine, keeping it cool, and performing as designed. 


The following items, are for the guys looking to get the maximum speed out of their navi. The items above will all apply to aid in the performance gain, the items below will simply get you more speed, and power. These items more technical to install, and the sill level required for tuning is higher


This kit, is the most comprehensive kit on the market, containing an italian polini carb, and everything needed to do this swap. This kit will require jetting, and will delete the airbox, so please remember to purchase the breather filter above with this package. We have dyno tested this setup and its required to achieve 60+mph


This is a limited product and may be unavailable due to low demand. This camshaft gives us a whopping 2hp gain, but its very technical, please do not purchase this unless your prepared to remove your old camshaft and reinstall. Its a 2-3 hour job



Below you can find aluminum throttles, LED headlight/taillight kits, flush mount blinkers, grips, stickers, and oem parts. We also have upgraded shocks for the rear, gauges, grips fuel caps and more!