Honda Elite '94+

S23 Yamaha jog/zuma/prebug Dio-ruck fork shim kit

Want to run dio or ruckus legs on your disk prebug, jog or zuma? well, now you can! These nifty guys allow you to run any rrgs/ncy/kn dio/ruckus type leg in any oem disked zuma. This opens up tons of options for disk brakes, legs and wheels.

Two shims. these are to be installed in your oem tree.

Suspension shims are for offroad use only. When using custom products sush as this, scooterswapshop is not liable for issues caused by improper use, and/or installation


Choose from

(a) NCY DIO legs in a 30mm tree

(b) 28mm OEM factory style legs OR NCY zuma forks in a 30mm tree