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100cc Twin Cylinder engine package

We have a ready to run twin cylinder scooter engine ready to go! This kit is being sold for an extremely reduced price, Includes the following items : 

 100cc twin cylinder engine : 
  • 2x 50cc Malossi MHR cylinders 
  • Custom Cateno Miano Billet crankcase center and crankshaft
  • OEM minarelli LC disk brake engine case
  • 2x Polini CP21 carburetors 
  • 2x Polini 360 intakes and reed cages
  • Custom JollyMoto pipes
  • Stage6 over range CVT
  • Polini CVT Cover
  • Complete gearbox
  • Custom Cateno Miano ignition system (for twin cylinder engine) 

Also includes a custom mount tube, and an engine mount to put this engine in a ruckus

Optionally included is a 13" set of Aprilia SR50 wheels, with "space dust" powder coating, these wheels are getting hard to find.