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The Down Low


"Some of you know ScooterSwapShop from the forums, some of you know my business from purchasing in the past. This all spawned from my buddy seth, who talked me into buying a chinese scooter. After several tabletops, burnouts, and wheelies, I moved to a honda spree. Now I have 14 scoots.  I started ScooterSwapShop originally, due to the lack of customer service, and parts from the typical scooter parts online store. Several YEARS of hard work, and learning brought me to this point. There is simply no excuse for poor quality parts, and poor/no communication. I grew up turning wrenches, on go karts, minibikes, to my FJ40, and Turbocharged Bmw. We were the kids riding minibikes when the parents were gone. Several online retailers are merenly in this business for the money. We're in it because we love it. Pick up the phone give us a ring and you'll see why. Support us, and your supporting the guys that sponsor the rides, and wrench on bikes just like everyone else. With the smell of fuel on the hands, were in this industry for the long haul.