Barber Small Bore Mini Series

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Barber Small Bore Road Trip Day 1

Heading out to Salt Lake City to pick up a buddy, then straight to Birmingham Alabama, for the Mnnthbx smallbore event. Locked and loaded with bike, and tons of grub. This is the first time Ed’s never driven anything this large. So wish us luck!Barber Small Bore Road Trip Day 2

Day two, made it though Idaho, utah, and Wyoming. Stopped to grab Patrick in Salt Lake City. Grabbed ourselves a tv for onboard entertainment. Decided to take a snooze at a rest area, hit it again in the morning.Barber Small Bore Road Trip Day 3

This was a grueling day. Driving super late into the night, down some brutal roads. But we made it to live another day.Barber Small Bore Road Trip Day 4

Friday we were all pretty burned out. Made it through some horrific roads, and arrived in Alabama to find we were driving with a tire completely off the bead at 65mph. This was the rear outer dually tire. Luckily we ended up in a location with some great help. I was blown away that these guys only charged $95 to repair the valve stem. Decided to tip the fella $20, as he saved our hides.Barber Small Bore Road Trip Day 5

Well this was the big event day for us with the late start on Friday this was our big chance to get out and get some riding and racing in! The trip team of Brandon, Patrick, And Ed got out did some drag racing, moto ball, the creek bottom classic, stunting and dodgeball. The rain didn’t really stop us, just made things more interesting. We also consumed well more then the legal limit of red bull between the 3 of us. Drag racing 1/32nd mile, Patrick thought he had the title with his 349 beast with the 3.86 time but a 60lb kid on a 26hp grom came and took it at 3.71. Don’t worry Brandon wasn’t gonna let the team down and took a test run and then the title at 3.43 on the Malossi C-one 70cc. The track distance may have been short but it was a blast! Ed went out and mudded the grom in the classic , motoball. We had to actually hose him and his bike down.

Barber Small Bore Road Trip Day 6

We packed up, and spent some time in the museum before the journey west. Woke up to the sound of bikes tearing around the track. This was a fun day for sure.Barber Small Bore Road Trip Day 7

Cruising through Kansas, Missouri and more. Ed licks a bug as per requested on Facebook for $10, and these guys surprise me with a burned birthday ice cream snack while I’m in a dead sleep. Pretty awesome. Almost the end of our 5200 mile trip!Barber Small Bore Road Trip Day 8

Ed eats red bull/Coors light waffles, and we stop to feed some super hungry squirrels. Pulled over in Utah and gave Patrick the boot and hit the road.Barber Small Bore Road Trip:The Final Day

On our final day, we chose to take a 110 mile ride into town to visit family. We saw some goats, some amazing scenery, ate some food and also got a flat 30 miles outside of town. Yet, kindness prevails and we hitched a ride with a super nice lady named Wendy. Wendy, this one’s for you. At the end of the trip, we burned $2500 in fuel, broke a windshield, got a flat on the rv, a flat on the scoot and we'd do it all over again. Spending 8 days traveling across the country with good people; and visiting an amazing place such as barber museum, is well worth the expense and work! Ride safe and thanks for watching.