Thank you for purchasing the honda navi LED 12v DC conversion kit. Please follow the steps below, basic hand tools are needed.



  • Remove seat, and right side fairing.
  • Remove phillips screw, holding FUSE block, (see figure A)
  •  Install wire lead/splice to the RED/BLACK wire (see figure B)
  • Route wire, through frame, towards the regulator rectifier (see figure C)
  • Unplug connector, and DE pin the brown Wires from the connector and remove (see figure D)
  • Plug kit lead spade, into the brown male spade (see figure D)
  • Reconnect black connector to regulator/rectifier, and make sure everything is tight, be sure there is no bare metal, tape up any connections if necessary.
  • Remove front headlight and install new LED bulb
  • Turn on ignition to verify, the headlight hi/lo function.
  • Reinstall front headlight, and side panel
  • Replace rear bulb, with new supplied LED
  • Test brake light function, and reinstall side panel/seat