Thank you for purchasing the honda navi LED 12v DC conversion kit. Please follow the steps below, basic hand tools are needed.


THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO DO THIS! You can use the tap included, to install to the wiring, or you can use the plug in 10a fuse. you will not be able to close the fuse door if you choose this option, but there's NO cutting required for this option


  • Remove seat, and right side fairing.
  • (tap option)Remove phillips screw, holding FUSE block, (see figure A)
  • (tap option) Install wire lead/splice to the RED/BLACK wire (see figure B)
  • (FUSE option) Remove the fuse shown in the photo, and plug in the suppled fuse connector. 
  • Route wire, through frame, towards the regulator rectifier (see figure C)
  • Unplug connector, and DE pin the brown Wires from the connector and remove (see figure D)
  • Plug kit lead spade, into the brown male spade (see figure D)
  • Reconnect black connector to regulator/rectifier, and make sure everything is tight, be sure there is no bare metal, tape up any connections if necessary.
  • Remove front headlight and install new LED bulb
  • Turn on ignition to verify, the headlight hi/lo function.
  • Reinstall front headlight, and side panel
  • Replace rear bulb, with new supplied LED
  • Test brake light function, and reinstall side panel/seat


BELOW is the photo of where the fuse installs, if you decide to use this no cut option