Spree Speed Pulley

If you're looking for a higher top speed on your spree, we now offer a CNC usa/oregon designed product to do just that. Simply remove your oem pulley, and install this in place. This lightweight, more aggressive pulley will get you an extra 8-10mph. BONUS! Plus, you keep your oem reliability. Keep in mind, this will hurt acceleration from a dead stop and low speed. With the spree, you cant have it both ways. This little dude will get you cruising right along for a small price


these also work on the ELITE E non variated models. If you have a bike that is NOT THAT STRONG to begin with, this will hurt your take off.  Always make sure your spree is in the best mechanical condition before installing


You Must remove the washer behind your original pulley prior to installing the speed pulley. 

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