2fast 200cc race engine

Well, I’ve decided to let this motor go, as we have no tracks in Oregon that allow us to race here. This engine was a $12k build that has about 2 dozen sumo pulls. The last run, baseline was 56whp, with tuning and tweaking you should be able to get 60-70 pretty easily. This motor is fully ported by mvs. Freight will be calculated after payment is made 


lectron carbs 

2fast fl100 cylinders 

malissi inner rotor ignition 

cateno Miano center section, cranks and Malossi bearing 

Malossi over range variator 

malossi gears

Rc one cases

Custom billet downdraft intakes

Malossi vl Reeds

stage6 clutch evo bell 

2fast billet rear pulley 

custom cnc hardened steel torsion bar kit and Torsen bar 

Hoosier slick on Douglas wheel 

motor by itself is $8900 with wheel, and all above, please message me if you want the entire bike with full powder coated wheelie bar for another $1500


Please contact us if you want to purchase this motor prior