AM6 stage6 BIG racing 88cc kit

Stage6 88cc big racing crank and bore. This is a POWERHOUSE. The longer stroke does require machinework.  Minimum of 28mm carb is needed, these kits are commonly putting down 27+hp to the wheel

The tuning kit consists of the following parts:

  • 88cc cylinder d.50mm / stroke 45mm, aluminium, with 5 transfer ports and bridged exhaust
  • 1-ring piston d.50mm Vertex 
  • aluminum cylinder head, one-piece, high compression
  • gasket set (base and head gaskets)
  • HPC crankshaft Stage6 w. 45mm stroke and 12x17x15mm small end bearing
  • SKF C3 bearing polymer cage Stage6 + oil seals

    FIts SHERCO SM50 and enduro 50


    Please allow 7-10 days for this special order item