Honda elite performance package

Pick up a performance kit for your honda elite, at a never before seen low price! This kit was made to go perfectly with the mini stroker kit, on a bone stock scooter, or with the malossi sport big bore kit by itself! 

Includes the following :

  • S23 F2R exhaust system , OR Arrow exhaust system (PLEASE SELECT!)
  • Naraku Sport Variator kit (LARGE SPLINE CRANKSHAFT)
  • Malossi belt (Standard elite / dio, not for ZX)
  • S23 Clutch springs (1500RPM)
  • S23 Contra spring (1500RPM)
  • S23 CDI box
  • 16x36 Gears
  • S23 Gearbox gasket

Jet kits : USA ELITE - JDM DIO


Don't forget your sealant HERE