Genuine Buddy / R50 70cc Budget Package

Tired of getting passed up by traffic on your stock Genuine Buddy or Roughhouse? This is the perfect option if you aren't looking to spend a ton but want to squeeze a bit more performance out of your bike! This is the best bang for your buck at under $200.

Included in this package:

Polini Contessa 70cc cast iron big bore kit

NGK Spark plug

Main Jet assortment for your stock carb

Dr. Pulley slider weights

Performance will vary from bike to bike but on average this kit will get you about 45mph or a little better top speed with stock exhaust. Add an exhaust and you will be over 50mph! 

You can retain oil injection with this setup, but we HIGHLY recommend going with high end auto-lube oil such as Redline Racing 2t available HERE